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Vector EPro8 Challenge


Year 9 - 10 Vector EPro8 Challenge Grand Final

On 3 September 12 teams from throughout the Auckland region competed in the for the title of 2018 Vector EPro8 Challenge Champion. 

It was a tight contest, with a tie for first place when the finals countdown was finished.  This resulted in a tie break challenge between SKC Mechanics from St Kenigern College and High Voltage from St Peter's College.  The ultimate champion was High Voltage.

The 2018 Year 9-10 season had 34 schools compete across nine heats and three semifinals.  They undertook a variety of science and engineering based challenges.

Primary and Intermediate Vector EPro8 Challenge Season Underway

188 Auckland primary and intermediate schools are currently competing for the title of 2018 Vector EPro8 Challenge champion.  594 teams are competing at 51 heats throughout Auckland, with the top teams from each heat qualifying for semifinals, which begin on 14 November.

At each heat, the teams are based at a workstation containing an assortment of engineering equipment, including gears, pulleys, motors, electronics modules and aluminium extrusion.

The teams are completing a variety of science and engineering based challenges.   Every time a team finished a challenge they push their Big Red Button.  If successful their points will be added to the leaderboard.

With the record numbers this year, the semifinals will consist of eight year 5-6 semfinals and eight year 7-8 semfinals.  This leads to a MEGA grand final on 5 & 6 December.  At each grand final, a massive 24 teams will compete for the title of the 2018 Vector EPro8 Challenge Champion.


   Stonefields School, 17 October, 5:00pm    


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