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Vector EPro8 Challenge

About Us

The Vector EPro8 Challenge is a professionally run event organised by Kelvin Thiele from Yeehaa Events.

Kelvin is an experienced event manager, who can guarantee an exciting, dramatic, and memorable evening.

Kelvin loves competing in events, with his favourite events being adventure racing, rogaining and mountain running events.  Because of his passion for competing in events he has a good idea of what makes a good event and what doesn't.

He has previously event managed a numerous different events, including the Metlink City Safari, one of New Zealand's biggest orienteering events.

Yeehaa Events specialises in slightly unusual, fun, competitive events.

Kelvin has worked in a number areas in the engineering field.  He loves inventing things.  The EPro8 Challenge is an event he is passionate about, and very proud to have created.  "I just created what would have been my dream event to enter when I was 11 years old".


Contact Information

Event Manger:

Kelvin Thiele

027 717 5536

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