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Vector EPro8 Challenge

Coaching and Preparation

The Vector EPro8 Challenge is a self contained event.  It is formatted so that teams can come along with absolutely no preparation or coaching and they will be amazed and inspired by what they achieve.  This is fantastic news for busy teachers.

Each challenge contains a CRITERIA (on which they will be judged) and also a HINT.  This gives teams the theory behind each challenge.  Teams don't have to follow the hint, but it will give some strong guidance as to how to achieve the challenge.  All of the challenges have multiple levels (generally easy through to more challenging). 

OPTIONAL Practice Challenges:

Should you wish to use the Vector EPro8 Challenge as an opportunity to introduce some science and engineering exercises to your classroom, we have developed some mock challenges.  We must stress that completing these practice challenges is not a prerequisite to a team doing well in the Vector EPro8 Challenge.  Success in the Vector EPro8 Challenge is more about team work and problem solving - and there is a multitude of ways teams can develop these skills.

It is not practical for us to supply equipment to all schools to practice with.  So these challenges only use equipment that is readily available locally.  This does mean the scope of the practice challenges is less than the main event (for example none of the practice challenges use motors or electronics)

You are free to use these practice challenges however you wish.

Practice Challenges