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Vector EPro8 Challenge

How to Register

Each heat is limited to the first 12 teams to enter.  

Each school can enter up to four teams in each event.  To enter more than four teams contact us.  We can either run a complete event for your school or spread your teams across multiple events. 

Where more than 12 teams enter a heat, we will endeavor to add additional heats in that region.  If you are not in the first 12 teams to register, we will contact you with details of the alternative event. 

Please register as early as possible, to allow us time to plan any additional events that may be required.  You won't be invoiced for your registration until near the time of the event.

Registration is a two step process.  If you aren't sure who your team members will be yet, just complete the first step, and we will book your spots in your event.

We will remind you to complete step two (with the actual makeup of the team) prior to the event.



The entry fee to each heat is $120 per team (i.e. $30 per person).

A deposit of $30 is required for each team registered.  This deposit is non-refundable and is not transferable as part payment for another team.  

Finals Series

If your team qualifies for the finals series, the entry fee for the finals series includes entry to both the semi-final and the grand final (should you qualify for this also). 

The entry fee for the finals series is $150 per team. 

Step 1 - School Details

Register the number of teams you want to enter here. You don't need to know who will be in each team at this stage.

You will be sent a confirmation email once we have confirmed space in the events you selected.

School Details


School Name                                                                

Phone Number         

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Event Details

Select Year 5-6 Event                   


No. of Teams

Select Year 7-8 Event                   

No. of Teams

Select Year 9-10 Event                   

No. of Teams

If you wish to enter more than four teams (eg four year 9 teams and four year 10 teams), simply register twice, choosing a different event each time