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Vector EPro8 Challenge

The Challenges

The challenges range from engineering to art, electronics to mathematics and problem solving.  They are all designed to be challenging yet visually stunning.  They all involve the use of life sized props and equipment, team work and will be very rewarding.

The following are examples of the types of challenges you may experience.  Note you won't find out the actual challenges until the night of your event.


Mars Rover

Build a moon rover capable of carrying a 5kg load, then build a gearbox to control its speed. 


Party Popping Machine

Build a booby trap that will automatically fire a party popper when a cookie jar is lifted up..


 Problem Solving

You have three boxes to air freight to Mongolia.

You need to find the weight of each box, so you can determine how much the air freight will cost.

Build scales to weigh the boxes.  The judge will bring the requested box, and you will determine the weight to the stated accuracy. 




Build a crane at least 1.8m tall, capable of lifting a 1kg weight.

 Burglar Alarm

Build a safe.  Then, using the electronics modules, wire the safe up to include a door alarm and trip wire.


Bungy Jump

 You are setting up a bungy jumping facility.  Build a 1.5 metre high bungy jumping platform.  Experiment with rubber bands so that a 1kg weight rebounds just before it hits the ground.