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Vector EPro8 Challenge

The Finals Series


The top four* teams from each heat qualify for the regional Vector EPro8 Challenge Semifinals - and the top four* from each of these will qualify for the grand final.

A grand final will be held in each region.  The winner of the grand final will be crowned the Vector EPro8 Challenge Champions.

The Challenges

There will be a whole new set of impressive challenges for teams to show their skills.  The challenges in the finals series will require even more problem solving. They will be a bit more open ended - requiring teams to think more about how to achieve the goal.


The entry fee for the Vector EPro8 Challenge finals series includes entry to the semifinal AND (should your team qualify) entry to the grand final. Entry to the finals series is $150 per team.


Following the heats, teams who qualify for the semi-finals will be emailed a top secret registration code.  Enter the top secret registration code in the box below, and you are in.

*the actual number of teams that qualify from each event will vary between regions, depending on the number of heats in that region.

Actual trophy may differ from the one shown.

Register For The Finals

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